Monday, April 28, 2008

60:365 A day at the park

Anna: The girls and I made it to park day today. It was actually hot and sunny this afternoon, though the lake is still mostly ice. At least it's got a ring of open water around the edges again. I got quite a lot of shots today, and here are some of my favorites.

Growing Eggs.

One pair of Canada Geese made a nest in a planter next to the parking lot. Today, there was no sign of Mama or Papa, but the eggs were there to be seen. We stayed well away. Zoom is a wonderful thing. :-D

A Special Scent.

Next, we passed this goose on guard. I was surprised to find a nest here, but I guess geese aren't as bothered by smells like we humans are. See that pipe sticking out of the ground? The most awful smells of sewer gas comes out of there. I have no idea what's in this building, or what's under it to emit those smells, but I always find myself rushing to get past it.

Loaded for Bear.

Some people take their photography much more seriously! *L*

I had a chance to chat with this guy later on. He wasn't too happy with the photographic opportunities of the day. No birds! Of course, there were Canada Geese and seagulls everywhere, but with equipment like that, I don't think those were what he was after. :-D

Up Close and Personal.

Still no leaf buds anywhere, but we do have catkins!

Checking Things Out.

There's a spot where, on pleasant days like this, we all tend to gather. With a small grove of spruce trees nearby, there's always at least a few squirrels. Curiosity seemed to get the better of this one. :-D

Ball o' Fluff.

I happened to walk around the back of a building when I saw something move across the grass. At first I thought it was something blown by the wind. Then it stopped by a pillar and waited, watching to see if I were a danger. I was able to get a few shots before it dove into the crack in the concrete right at the corner at the base of the pillar. If I hadn't seen it go in, I wouldn't have believed it could fit!

Feed Me!

There's always food to share with the group of us, and the seagulls know a good deal when they see one. This one seems to be demanding another Cheezie. *L*


Sharon said...

You got some GREAT shots today!! I haven't come across any nests, but there are a lot of little ones walking across the roads at our State college. Beautiful shots :)

BouBou's said...

You've got little ones already?!? Wow. *L*


BouBou's said...

oops... hit the publish button too quickly..

Thanks for the compliment, too. :-D


Ruth said...

These are some wonderful spring photos! That egg one is amazing.

- Ruth at Flying.