Friday, April 25, 2008

57:365 - Morning Haze - Afternoon Treat

Philippe: Though I've blown the sky out, The shot still captures the light misty haze that was hanging over everything this morning in the valley.

Anna: The girls and I are in "fine" shape today. I'm full of aches and pains from my shift last night. While I was working, our elder daughter started feeling under the weather, and by this morning her sister wasn't feeling too good, either. So our weekly library trip was short and missing a person, as only our younger daughter was feeling well enough to go. We made it a short trip, then stopped by at the Second Cup that's in the same building as our library. We haven't been there in ages, so it was a nice treat. My daughter was initially going to order a chilled drink, but I pointed out that a cold drink wouldn't help her stomach any. So she ordered a white hot chocolate, instead. Ah, the magic healing powers of such treats. Within minutes, her stomach had completely settled and she was feeling much better. :-D

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The Travelers Journal said...

Hope you are all feeling better. The drinks look wonderful! It would make me feel better too.