Sunday, April 20, 2008

52:365 Storm warning

Anna: We've actually got a winter storm warning for our area right now. It's only -9C, but it's blowing like crazy. I went to our 4th floor lounge area, intending to get another picture from the same spot I took yesterday's shot. Instead, I found this. The door to the patio is blocked by this drift.

We're not getting a lot of snow, and it's the kind of snow with tiny flakes that are more like ice chips. The wind has been sculpting some interesting drifts along the glassed in hall leading to the lounge area.

We *had* been warm enough for the grass to start turning green.

I phoned my parents in Manitoba this morning. They're expecting +20C today.


Sharon said...

I just canNOT imagine!! LOL

That drift on the bottom pic is just pure art.

Gawdess said...

I love the waves in the bottom picture!

Sandie said...

Ok we have had snow flurries in April, but never accumulated snow. Wow...and that bottom pic is very cool.

Ruth said...

Oh! I feel for you! Yes, it's beautiful, but even I got tired of winter. But I didn't have it THIS long. Hang in there, spring will come.