Monday, April 21, 2008

53:365 - Winter Woes

Philippe: This was a common site today.. I had to go downtown and the bus I was on decided to sideswipe a pole.. Second bus I got on got stuck in drifts.. Overall, it was a really lousy day for driving.

Anna: Today was supposed to be park day. Instead, we woke to the sounds of engines revving as people tried to get out their cars out of the drifts. So we puttered around the house, with our younger daughter doing more work on the scarf she's crocheting for her sister (who decided to do with straight purple instead of striped) - at least until the cat decided it was much more important for her to be a cat bed. *L*


AphotoAday said...

Hate to put you on another bus, but I think I should send you a couple tickets for California.   When it drops below 50 degrees around here we call out the National Guard...

BouBou's said...

LOL Wouldn't that be nice!

Actually, the strange part is that it's very disorienting to see the snow coming down when it's so bright out, then to look at the clock and see it's past 8pm.


Gawdess said...

love that deep purple and those cat eyes!
that winter shot looks so bleak, which is appropriate