Friday, April 18, 2008

50:365 Lunch and Pink

Anna: Friday is the usual library day for the girls and I. Once done at the library, we like to go someplace at least for drinks. If the budget allows, we'll do lunch. Today, the budget allowed. ;-) We stopped at a place called The Three Bananas Cafe, where we got to sit and look through our library selections while waiting for our food. My younger daughter ordered a 3 cheese pizzette, while my older daughter and I had bowls of Boston Clam Chowder and shared a traditional (mushroom and pepperoni) pizzette. The crusts on the pizzette are a multi-grain flat bread I can't remember the name of, but really like. The grilled flatbread that comes with the soup is really nice, too.

I posted the blue building a couple of times. I posted the gold one. Today, I was after pink. After lunch, we headed for this nearby building, with its distinctively colored windows. I admit to a bit of photo manipulation, here. There are power lines all over the place and, even after cropping, I still had one running across the top left. So I got rid of it. :-D

The inside is also very interesting, and I've been wanting to get pictures. Especially in the food court area, where the pillars have murals of local wildflowers. The one time I did go in with a camera, I had a security guard come up and tell me pictures weren't allowed. I'm guessing because of all the government offices in there. Ah, well.


Sharon said...

Pretty! And I'm craving mushroom pizza now :)

marianne said...

mmmm, that pizza looks gooood! what a cool building - very pretty!

Gawdess said...

the food is making me hungry and I like the angle and colour on this building.