Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Truth

If there is any doubt as to who the true masters of the household are...


They are also very warm and comfortable.

And adorable.

note: we finally got rid of the "attack site" warning, though it meant getting rid of our blog roll and removing the labels list.  They'll be rebuilt, when I have the chance.  Until then, we will hopefully be posting photos on a fairly regular basis again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show

It's been far too long since we've posted.  For some reason, this blog is getting an "attack site" notice when people try to visit it.  I have not been able to find the problem.  Hopefully, we'll be able to clear it up soon.

Today, my elder daughter and I took in the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show, held at the Shaw Conference Centre.  We've never gone to anything like this before, though we've certainly heard plenty of stories from people who take part in shows like this, either as visitors or vendors.  I'm really glad we took it in!

Autograph tables

The star of the show was LeVar Burton.  There was a huge line out the door of people waiting for his autograph.  He was really fantastic, taking the time to talk to everyone, posing for pictures and giving hugs.  He seemed to have endless patience.  The folks waiting in line were a great crowd, too.  When we left, there was still a long line, patiently waiting for Burton to come back from a much needed break.

There were, of course, other people at the autograph tables.  It must be a bit hard sitting at an autograph table next to someone with as large a draw as Burton! *L*  The others at the tables included Wrestling superstars, The Dudleys, comic artist, Ron Wagner, comic artist, Cary Nord, Star Wars Visions and aviation artist, Robert Bailey and Star Wars super collector, Gus Lopez


There were, of course, plenty of people in costume!  Some were visitors to the show, while others were from the The 501st Legion: Badlands Garrison and Rebel Legion - Outrider Base of Alberta.  All were great about posing for photos.

Displays and artists.

There were, of course, plenty of vendors and displays of all kinds, including My Little Pony, Matchbox cars, costumes used in various movies, board games, paintings and prints, dolls, artists at work and yes, you could even visit one of several artists available and get a tattoo.

It was a really fun event, and I'm glad we went.  In fact, we're considering going to the next event coming up in May!

If you want to see more photos, check out the set of photos I have on my flicker site.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cats are insane...

... and annoying.  Yet the manage to be adorable in the process.

My husband has his work laptop set up on a dock behind the desk.  Since our desktop computer is on the same desk, there's not a lot of space and a whole mass of wires.  Especially since there's also an ergonomic keyboard, a mouse, headphones and the USB charger for my phone attached.

My older daughter's cat has a thing for me being on the computer.  When I'm on the desktop computer, which has some space in front of the keyboard, she will jump up onto the chair, walk across in front of me, clamber over the speaker on one side of the monitor to get to the back of the desk, walk across the laptop keyboard (which is kept on top of the closed laptop due to lack of space), then either tries to squeeze between the monitor and the tower, which has the other speaker in the way, or around the other side of the tower, generally knocking over whatever happens to be there for good measure.  Then she'll clamber across in front of me again, block my view of the monitor for as along as she can get away with, then finally settle down in between me and the keyboard, with her front paws draped across my wrist.  My mouse wrist.  Limiting my ability to use the mouse and preventing me from using the keyboard with that hand entirely.  After tossing her off, she comes back and does the same thing all over again.

This morning, my daughter was using the desktop, so I popped onto my husband's work laptop to read my morning news.  As usual, the cat's all over me.  From perching on my shoulder to doing her circuit around the monitor (though I manage to keep her from walking across the laptop while I'm using it, and so on.

Then, she did this.

Cats are insane

Yup.  She curled up on the mass of wires, leaned right against the vent on the laptop, and used my mouse hand as a pillow.  Not only was she on top of the mouse wire, rendering it immobile, but the weight of her head was enough to press both right and left mouse buttons at the same time.

And she looked so darn cute, too!

Cats are insane

Even after I finally moved my hand, she kept using the mouse as a pillow.

Then I left.

So did she.

Apparently, it's only comfortable if it's inconveniencing a human! LOL