Saturday, April 12, 2008

44:365 - Morning run - updated: Reflections

Philippe: I think this is my favourite shot, then again, I've got a thing for sunlight and water. This one is simply a closeup of the sun shot below.

Philippe: This is by far, one of my favourite benefits of morning jaunts (in this case, a run). I've lucked out in that the sling bag I've got for the camera has a waist strap as well and, when tightened properly, doesn't hinder the run at all. :)

The 'saucer' effect is a known issue with the D70 and direct sun shots.. I don't mind it too much as it adds to the mood :P.

Philippe: This one would need trimming to make it pretty, but I like the wide feel of the shot.

Anna: One of the interesting things about our city is the pedway system in the downtown core. Pedestrian walkways run through buildings, below street level and, as in this picture, above street level. This picture was taken from a 4th level pedway, which is actually 3 floors above street level. There's another pedway directly below us, similar to the one visible in here, running from a parkade to a shopping mall. The mall is actually in two buildings, joined by above and below ground pedways. With the exception of 1 or 2 blocks, a person can travel through the major downtown complexes and LRT stations without ever stepping foot outside. A handy thing in inclement weather!

Aside from it being really neat to watch traffic pass below us, I like the reflections in the blue glassed building.


Gawdess said...

all so pretty with the light and the reflections.

Sharon said...

You can't go wrong with sun and water :)

bsouth said...

Both of you have posted lovely shots. The sun is so beautiful and I love the UFO shot! I'm intrigued by the pedway and all the different places it goes and that reflection in the building is fantastic.