Thursday, April 24, 2008

56:365 Toes

Anna: The cat sometimes likes to sit with her front paws together oh-so-precisely. I decided to see how co-operative she would be with the super macro setting on the camera. This is the only photo that turned out. *L* I even tried a few of her face, which she's let me do before, but today she kept rubbing her cheeks on the camera and moving around. So, I had to be satisfied with my one good picture. And clean my lens of cat smears. ;-)

Today, I also got a special crock pot, just for the sourdough. Actually, it's a pottery cannister. I needed something small enough not to take up too much space in the kitchen, with a wide open mouth big enough for us to scoop in with a 1 cup measuring cup, and a lid that doesn't seal air tight (wouldn't want it to explode...). So now my baby sourdough is an adolescent sourdough, with a very thorough feeding. A few more days, and we'll test it out. :-D

Philippe: Well, since we're doing kitty shots, I'd like to say that, for *this cat*, being spoiled rotten would be a major step down for her. We are *all* private nap areas, nose wipe (she calls it nuzzling) areas, and climbing posts.. and she will *not* be dissuaded when she wants someone for one of those roles.. She's jumped up on Anna when she was putting on shoes, she's jumped on my shoulder *as soon as* I've put on my shirt in the morning (she tried once without the shirt and won't do that again, I d0n't think.. Too noisy).


Abraham Lincoln said...

This is a beautiful shot. I like to smell dog's feet which my wife and kids think is totally disgusting. There is something about that smell that really appeals to me. Have you ever tried to smell your cat's foot?

Be careful if you do as they sometimes try to bite when their feet are smelled, and in that respect are just like dogs.

I like your blog and your photography work.

Gawdess said...

pussy footing!!!
soft looking foot.

Sharon said...

Good shot! Abraham, I can remember doing that when I was a kid, with my cat and my dog too. I wouldn't do it now though- awareness of where those feet have been! LOL

InspĂ­derwiht said...

Smelling feet...
Wow, do I feel normal right now.

Anyhow, lovely pictures. The second one turned out better than I would have thought with the lighting.

BouBou's said...

LOL I admit, I've never thought of smelling my cat's feet before. Probably because I see litter stuck to her toes far too often.


Ampersand said...


awesome. :)

your cats make the best photo subjects.