Sunday, May 24, 2020


One of the advantages of living several miles from the nearest paved road is that we are graced with visits from some of the more interesting members of the animal kingdom; Here's a few examples

These guys started out timid, shy and very jumpy; While they're still timid and jumpy, we've got some returning for several years. it's so good to see them :)

We also get quite a few birds (and heavy winds as you can tell from the feeder)

While this isn't a functional farm, it still has a barn, so we have barn cats.

 Including Stinky...

All in all, they're great to have around, even though feeding them all is starting to get a little pricy.



Monday, May 18, 2020

Look at what I found!!

So this is the first time in years I've been able to remember the username/password combination to access this blog. I've got a wee bit of catching up to do :P

While I've slowed down somewhat in the past few years so I won't be able to do daily shots, I still manage to take the odd one here and there. As an initial offering, I offer you the sunrise/sunset of our new abode...


Friday, January 19, 2018



Hey Buddy, ready for a shot?
<Sure! lemme get on to the shelf by the window>
(select "blurred background" for added difficulty, because I'm stupid...)
Alllriiiight, and <SQUIRREL! >
K, lemme try that aga<BIRD!! >
(sigh) K, buddy, I need you to sit sti<Wanna smell my butt? >
Would you hol<BIRD.... No, just a thing>
<hey, what's that over th>CLICK
<Hey! No fair, I was distracted! >
(puts away  camera)
<Can I get a do over? >
(start post Processing of image)
<Do over?? >
<Hey! Where are you going? >

Sent from Outlook Mobile, on my android G6. :D

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Settling in

So things are starting to settle down on this end. I again have access to
pain killers (that week without, including the withdrawal complications,
was *very* enjoyable) and the family is once again together.

We were able to return the borrowed car and are now firmly ensconced at our
new home. There's still so much to do though, that relaxing isn't really an
option for the next few months. I've got to find new doctors, get updated
prescriptions, we have to ready the house for our furniture (it's still
fully furnished with old stuff) and we have to pay the movers and catch up
on our bills which we let slide a bit to ensure we'd have cash on hand for
the transition and road trip.

While I have access to my primary painkillers, I've got a set of secondary
ones that I can't get just yet. Turns out my insurance is all messed up.
I'm on an enhanced coverage plan, which should cover 90% of drug costs; the
insurance company has me listed at 70%... Needless to say, I'm currently
speaking with my employer about correcting the discrepancy, because some of
my meds are seriously expensive.

That means that I spend a lot of days hunched over, sweating excessively
from pain, and that my mobility and stamina are seriously hamstrung.

Hopefully this will all settle down in a month or so and I can get back to
my usual levels of suffering...


Thursday, August 11, 2016

The monster

My Aloe Vera has been growing to such substantial heights and spikey, toothy thickness, we've named it the Salrac.

Yesterday I moved around my jungle for pruning and watering.  Unfortunately, this monster kept tipping, because the pot it was in had a narrower base and all that weight was off center.

So my daughter and I dug out a more stable pot and transplanted it.  Definitely a two person job.

During which I discovered a large, bleeding scratch on my arm from the several times I had caught it as it tipped.

Not only is it a monster of a plant, but it's bloodthirsty!

Mobile message.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


She is so cute and comfortable curled up  like that, but I'm trapped and my butt is starting to go numb.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

My spot...

Both cats love it when we recline on the new couch. 

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