Wednesday, April 16, 2008

47 - 48:365 Yesterday and today - Updated

Anna: I did take pictures yesterday, but never even uploaded them off the camera before I had to leave for my first shift at the new job (which went well, by the way). I didn't even see them until today. *L*

Yesterday: Our elder daughter was on the hunt for sidewalk chalk. While chalk like what these folks use is more what she'd like, anything with a variety of colours was welcome. She found some, but it turned cold again. Yesterday, she and her sister decided, cold or no cold, they were going to use the new chalk on the balcony! *L* They both went on an eye theme. Our elder daughter drew this one, while our younger daughter drew 3 in another corner.

This concrete, though, is really rough. The walls work much better. :-D

Today: We have a weird cat. That's all there is to it! Mind you, I think all cats are weird. *L*

This can't be comfortable. :-D

(All shots below are Philippe; but he gets tired of typing his name.. )
You know, Blogger is just sucking right now, so you get top comments :P.. This one is a fuzzy on a tree, taken with my 18-55 (at 55) but in good light so it turned out nice.

There are a number of nice houses overlooking the river valley, and this one happens to have a neat fence.

This was what appears to be frost-damaged bark on one of the trees at the end of our walk. The light was a little wonky, so I've got my 50mm at F1.8 to get a hand-held shot.

K.. I'm forcing myself to stop here. I liked the fact that I could actually take this shot (it was getting a little dark) with my 50mm.. I *LOVE* my 50mm.. I can't afford the good version, but this one will do for now :D.


AphotoAday said...

Well, how interesting -- loved the article on street painting...

We have our own street painting day nearby in San Rafael, California, and some of the artwork can get very involved and professional -- but I've never actually attended the event, but think I'll make a point of doing so this year. Thanks for the reminder...

And I'll have to agree with you about cats -- they ARE weird, but no stanger than me...   Have you discovered the silly blog I do about my equally silly cat, Kitty, each day -- over at:

Gawdess said...

your kitty is always cute, and "good eye".

Sharon said...

You got some wonderful shots. And I agree, cats are just plain weird! LOL