Sunday, April 13, 2008

45:365 The eyes have it...

Anna: Today was a very productive photo day.

Since moving to our current city, one of the things I quickly discovered is that there's a *lot* of public art. I've been slowly working on what I've creatively dubbed "The Art Project," getting pictures of as much of the public art that I can find. This afternoon I went for a walk towards the downtown area and finally got photos of a bunch of murals I've been meaning to get for almost 2 years now. This is one of them. It's called the Moseyeic Mural, put together by a team of youth street artists (I'm not sure what that means) for a 2002 art festival.

Sadly, it's not on the best of areas. This wall is the side of an empty pawn shop, one of many in the area (though most of the others are still running). It's an area of contradictions, actually. It includes Chinatown, some beautifully well maintained homes, modern office buildings, the local police station, 24 hour XXX peep shows, run down buildings, both private and commercial, a great many boarded up businesses, some wonderful murals, and a couple of blocks so questionable, even the two tattoo parlors left, though the murals where they used to be still remain. There's also a mission, a Chinese Christian church, and The Church of Scientology, with its windows filled with giant posters advertising how Scientology will answer every problem a person might have.

A truly colourful area.

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