Saturday, April 5, 2008

37:365 It's Spring... isn't it???

Anna: Yesterday was so bright and sunny, with the snow almost gone. This morning, we wake up to this...

This is off our 3rd floor balcony. As you can tell, it's been coming down for a while.

As I was taking the pictures, it started snowing noticeably heavier and was blowing straight at me.

The last time I took a picture of this tree, it was covered with snow, most of which had melted away in the next day or two. Time to start over!

And time for me to wipe the snow flakes off my lens.

Philippe: Our fourth floor opens up to a nice view of the river valley; not today though, since I can't *see* the river valley :P.


The Travelers Journal said...

Snow again! You may as well live in Chicago with the weather changes you have :) We are right now close to 60 and tomorrow 67. Mind you that doesn't mean were are done with snow yet either, but one can hope.

Gawdess said...

a marshmallow world for sure.