Monday, May 25, 2015


Freya decided to keep me company and I couldn't resist taking a bunch of photos.   I love how both cats like to lie on the couch with one arm dangling down.

I'm also playing around a bit with my phone camera's edit toys.  I don't like to modify photos in general.  A bit of cropping.  Lightening a dark photo.  That's about it.  So even just adding a frame is more that I typically do.


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Monday, May 18, 2015

Some people...

A quick picture of the dissipating dust cloud from the car that did several donuts in the parking lot, then took off

Nope.  Not impressed.

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The joys of cats

So my desk is cluttered. Well, it's a table and it's cluttered. Finnigan remembers when it was clear though, so he decided to help me‎ clean things up. First he motivated my efforts by ensuring I couldn't actually do anything on the computer. Then, once I had cleared enough room for him to sit without knocking things over, he laid down and pushed the keyboard right into my lap. As you can see, he's overcome with remorse...


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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dangerous beauty

Getting quite the snowfall today.  Our willow tree sure looks gorgeous, but will those newly emerging leaves survive? This photo was taken at about 7 am.  After 4 hours, a lot more snow has fallen, and it's still coming down.

All the trees had been unfurling new growth.  Now, people are reminding others to give their trees a shake to avoid lost branches.



It's May 6. 

Glad I didn't finish my planting, yet.

Seems kinda symbolic right now. 😕