Thursday, April 10, 2008

42:365 Mmmmm

Anna: We've been having some computer troubles lately, so we might miss a day or two. It's a good thing we've got multiple browsers installed on the computer, or I wouldn't be posting this at all! :-P

Today, after doing some shopping to get my new work uniform (gotta get used to wearing a wing tip collar!), our elder daughter asked if we could go to The Marble Slab for ice cream. Yeah, if you're going to spend that much for ice cream, it may as well be the best! *L* Mine is being worked on in this picture. Peanut butter ice cream with crushed Skor bar. A nice combination. Kneading the ice cream on a frozen marble slab is an interesting way to do things, too.


from away said...

That sounds like a good combo. Yum. At first I thought the photo was taken at Cold Stone, a similar type of ice cream shop with the slab and mixing, etc. I'm guessing it's similarly overpriced (I must be the only person on Earth who's just not that impressed with Cold Stone - heh). But do they sing to you at Marble Slab? I see there's one opening in CT soon -- if there's no singing, I might have to go check it out. ;)

Gawdess said...

singing with your ice cream - that kind of would put me off - pb and skor does sound like a good combo.

BouBou's said...

Singing?? Nope, no singing I don't think I could handle that! LOL

And yeah, it's pretty expensive, too, but not that much more than some of the other franchises.


Sharon said...

Mmmm...there's a Cold Stone around the corner from me, not bad. I can do without the singing though, I agree!