Friday, April 11, 2008

43:365 Fossil

Anna: The kids and I were downtown for library day today, but we only wanted to return a few things. We deliberately did NOT go in to look for more books. *L*

So that gave us time to wander around. The square across from the library has a lot of limestone walls and pillars. We were about to cross the street to the car and head home when I spotted this fossil in a pillar next to us. I seriously considered leaving this photo at full size (if you click on it, you'll see it at 40% original size). What caught my attention was that I recognized this type of fossil. I have no idea what it's of, but I've found some before - on Gimli Beach, in Manitoba! This time of year, as Lake Winnipeg thaws, the tides push the broken ice onto the shore, gouging the sand and dropping off new stones from the lake bottom. Two years in a row, I found fossil chunks like this in the very same spot on the beach. I've never seen them in any other part of the beach.

side note: We're still having computer troubles - we seem to be infected by a trojan. I'm posting this using the browser Safari, which seems to be the only one unaffected. Not all sites seem to support it, but I'd definitely recommend having it.


Gawdess said...

good spotting.

Sharon said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about the computer problems. Great shot though! :)