Tuesday, April 8, 2008

40:365 - Fog - edited

Philippe: This is my usual 'river valley sunrise tree' spot; we had a bit of a change in weather today, however... I kinda like it. :)

Anna: Since I was up anyways (grumblegrumblegrumble), I went for a quick walk to see what pictures I could get in this morning's fog. This is the top half of a new condo-highrise next to our complex.

editorial note from Anna: just got a chuckle as I posted my photo. Philippe made a new post at work, and we both published at the exact same time. *L* So, I've edited mine into his.


bsouth said...

I love foggy pictures - it makes everything look very mysterious.

Gawdess said...

misty morning in the city! makes it look so much smaller

Sandie said...

great shots!

Ruth said...

Yes, fog makes such pretty scenes, I love it.

Thank you for your anniversary wishes!