Monday, June 9, 2008

99:365 Close up thoughts

Anna: After being out and about all weekend, I just wasn't feeling up to heading out again to park day. It turned out to be prescient.

I have a cough. I've had it for about 5? 6? years now. Usually, it's just a tickle behind my sternum that I can ignore. I tend to forget about it, except when I try to laugh, which gets me coughing. Or breath deeply, which also gets me coughing. I've had all sorts of tests and X-rays. and they all came back normal. I was given an inhaler to try, which made it worse. After we moved, I just didn't bother going to another doctor to do the tests all over again. Most times, I can ignore it. Other times, like today, it becomes an all-out chest cough. I've found the only thing that helps is to keep my chest and upper back extra warm.

So I spent much of today wearing this shawl. It was made by my MIL. She'd actually made a bunch of them for her own MIL, in one big crochet weekend. This is the one her MIL kept for herself and used for many years. Shortly before she died, she gave it back to my MIL, who used it herself for years before passing it on to me a few years ago. I absolutely love it. And it's perfect for days like today. :-)

I've had people tell me flat out that you can't make "real" friends on the internet. Well, I tend to disagree. Just as I was able to form close friendships the old fashioned way with penpals, I've been blessed to find great friends online. One of these sweet people just came back from a Caribbean cruise. *envious sigh* Today, I received a care package from her. It included some gorgeous postcards and book marks, treats such as a bag of "shark poo" candies, and this - a hanging miniature of the ship they cruised on. I'm not about to tuck this away for the Christmas tree! Instead, I've got it hanging off a hook under the cupboards between the living room and kitchen. As I sit at the computer, I can look up and see it slowly turning with any drafts.

I've always wanted to go on a cruise. Maybe some day! :-D


Louis la Vache said...

Re your comment at Portland Daily Photo about 'save the slot-back pig': LOL! :-)

Speaking of cruise ships:
Here's the Queen Mary and the Dawn Princess in San Francisco.

Gawdess said...

love the colour and detail on the shawl and can see the cruise ship being perfect for daydream cruises!

Ruth said...

Touching post. The shawl for you after your MIL's MIL wore it. The gifts from your blogging friend. I agree, I have made some wonderful friends in blogland, and I think it's no different (well different in some ways obviously) than letter writing penpals of old. We haven't cruised either, but our son's band will be entertaining on a Princess ship for 3 months this fall up and down the Eastern seaboard! Think he'll get claustrophobic?

That mini ship is adorable.

carl h. sr. said...

I love the story of your shawl,a real treasure you have there.
Beautiful color in it too.
I certainly feel that I have made some friends on the 'net'.
I just start by taking all talk with a grain of salt,and go from there.
I used to have a persistent cough that would often keep me up at night.At someones suggestion I tried taking 'Actifed' at night before going to bed.Well for me it really worked and I only had to take it a few times.
Shark Poo candy,yuk!!

The Travelers Journal said...

I am greatful for you friendship! I was so surprised to see a picture of the ship! I am glad you like it. I loved the thought of sending "shark poo" from the cruise:) Heck, I even like typing shark poo :)

I love the shawl! It is so nice to hear a good MIL story!

Ampersand said...

fun shot. and you most certainly can make friends on the internet! ;)

i'm truly sorry about the mysterious cough. you seem to live with it with with much grace.