Sunday, June 1, 2008

92:365 - Evening walk

Evening walk.. *nothing* was camera safe.. :D

Not sure what to say.. it stood still long enough for me to take a shot.. Wind and Macro don't mix, I've discovered.

This is a nice, striking mistake.. (wind again :D )

Daughter was apparently providing transport.

Other daughter was providing opportunity :P

Anna's got a thing for fungus, so I thought I'd grab this one.. I like the way it turned out :).

Anna: Philippe took quite a few more great macro shots, which can be seen here. I'm just uploading one of my photos from today on this blog. I uploaded more here, if you want to see them.

I like the little dandelion seed caught in a spider web in the bottom corner. :-D


Gawdess said...

a lot of very nice shots today!
the macro is a wonderful lens.
I like the seed in the corner too and the softly glowing seed globe at the top.

The Travelers Journal said...

loving the new lens!

jo(e) said...

These are wonderful!

Cloudscome said...

beautiful! I love the new lens.