Sunday, June 15, 2008

105:365 Almost a day at the museum

First off, Happy Father's day to all the dads out there. :-)

Anna: Note to self. Do not try to go to the museum on a Sunday, when it's also Father's Day *and* the second day of a new display. Talk about crowded!

The museum has a new exhibit on dragons, and it's absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, no photos allowed. We were told this as we went through admission. There was a big sign right at the entrance saying "no photographs." There were smaller signs saying "no photographs" at almost every display. You'd think people would clue in that this meant, you know, NO PHOTOGRAPHS. Of course, there were still people who took pictures anyways. *sigh*

We actually cut the trip short, taking in just the new display, then heading out shortly after. It wasn't worth trying to go into any of the other exhibits with our tripods and cameras in the crowds when we can come back any time. I didn't even take my camera out until we got outside, where I took a couple of photos of the biggest bearded irises I've ever seen. I didn't know they could get this large.

The beard looks like a sea slug to me. :-D

This is the top of the same blossom pictured above. I love those crinkly edges.

Philippe: The skies weren't sure whether or not to rain; turns out, this was the prequel.. Later in the afternoon, it hailed. :D

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Gawdess said...

the ruffled edges are so pretty and love that sky in turmoil