Wednesday, June 18, 2008

107:365 The Horror!!

Anna: A horror like nothing I've ever beheld... and no, I'm not talking about what's left of my throat these days... ;-)

One of the plus sides of being sick and relatively housebound. We're actually watching all those dvd's we borrowed from the library. Including this one. As you can see by my younger daughter's traumatized eyes, it was beyond belief.

It's actually billed as the worst movie ever made - so bad, it's good! It stars Bela Lugosi. Even though he was dead. They used footage of a movie he was making that didn't get finished because of his death. Which works, I suppose, since he's supposed to be a walking corpse through most of the movie. It also stars Vampira. She spent the entire movie either walking around slowly with arms outstretched, or standing behind bushes, watching... watching... She had no lines, though she did hiss at one point. Oh, yeah. She was a walking corpse throughout the entire movie.

And everything happens at night. Funerals happen at night. The air force pilot leaves for work at night. The police investigate cemeteries at night. Then, when their lieutenant (or whatever he was) gets murdered in the cemetery, they promptly have the funeral. At night.

There are a few brief clips of daylight, sort of. You see the police leave the station in the dark, drive through down in light, then arrive at the cemetery in the dark again. The flying saucers are only seen at night. The flying saucers are hub caps.

Really. Hub caps. On wires.

There's also concrete visible under fake grass, as well as the mattresses actors fall on.

The extras include The Ed Wood Story. "Hear the story of "Hollywood's best incompetent director" from the people who knew him best..."

We skipped the extras.

My elder daughter informs me, however, that she *has* see a movie worse that this. It's called Cave Dwellers. She's been watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. I haven't been able to watch them with her, so she's probably right.


Gawdess said...

it is quite astonishing and can be entertaining - like your daughter's eyes over the top of the dvd.nancy

InspĂ­derwiht said...

Pfft. Ya cannot have a bad movie without caveman Samurai in goose hats and handlebar moustaches.
I am sticking to that principle until I find something worse.
Ed Wood is only the tip of the iceberg.


LauraLiz said...

I'm cracking up here!