Monday, June 23, 2008

112:365 Playing with macro

Anna: Went for a bit of a walk this evening and ended up getting a whole bunch of macro shots. You can see more here.

I'd considered cropping this photo, but I think the grass seeds stuck in my lens while I took the shot sort of adds to it. *L* This bug was getting quite annoyed at me twisting his spray of seeds around so I could see him better. Dang paparazzi! ;-)


taxitalk said...

thats some serious shooting, I take lots of photos too, I even have a fliker Im taxitruth look me up I have my own group Im starting and a blog, I don't have a macro lense so you won't see any of that

marianne said...

I agree - the grass seeds do add something. I really enjoyed your macro shots on flickr - very nicely done!