Tuesday, June 24, 2008

113:365 - Macro - updated

Philippe: I thought I'd try a Macro experiment.

update from Anna: Since so many people were curious, I thought I'd post the answer here - these photos Philippe took are of drops of water on a blank dvd, taken in a light box using three spotlights.

Anna: The girls and I made it to The Works festival today. I've started a set of photos that I'll be adding to as we go back, which I expect we'll do a few times.

While we were there, the girls decided to go into the wading pool and fountain - fully dressed. *L* Our younger daughter rescued this little guy from the water.


Anonymous said...

Love the macro shots, they're amazing.

Poor caterpillar, I hope he survived his swim!

Anonymous said...

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Anyway, I wanted you to know I stopped-in to repay your visit and comment with mine.

I enjoyed reading your blog post for the macro shots (oil?) and the inch worm rescued from the pool and I thought your photography was excellent.

I just got my first shipment of used books from Strand's bookstore in New York City, yesterday. They have 18 miles of used books. Think about that. Anyway, they got here and I am totally happy with those I chose to read. I had to start out by just choosing a category, like photography, and go from there. I don't know how in the world they can keep track of so many books.

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Ampersand said...

very, very cool macro shots.

Ruth said...

Love those colorful drops! Don't know what you did, P., but they're gorgeous.

And A., the little inchworm (?) is so cute.

Gawdess said...

those macro shots are so full of rainbow, love that!
rescuing little green inchworms is always a good thing too :)

Pboud said...

The macro shots are fairly simple, actually.. I took a basic (blank writeable) DVD and put three spotlights on it to get the various lighting effects.. I then put a drop of water on four spots (draw a box around the centre of the DVD and the corners are the drop positions). 90mm Macro, full extension and manual focus (kept full extension and moved in/out with the camera to get best focus). With the three spotlights, I was able to get those shots at 1/160 exposure, so detail was sharp. :)


marianne said...

ooo, I love the rainbow colors on the water drop - very cool shots!

Sandie said...

oh, these are so pretty!

Scrivener said...

Those macros are awesome!

angelfeet said...

The macros are fascinating. The drops look strangely solid.