Wednesday, June 4, 2008

93 and 94:365 Double post

Anna: Here's the photo I meant to post yesterday, but never got around to uploading before midnight.

Yeah, I think my daughter's cat is adorable. She has this habit of tucking her nose under things - her own leg, a pillow, blankets, our ears... whatever.

My elder daughter and I went for an evening photo walk, which turned out to be much shorter than expected, as it started to rain. We got a few pictures, though.

The road in front of our apartment building overlooks the river valley on the opposite side. It's all part of the park system, and there are a number of groomed areas clear enough of trees that we can get lovely views of the river. I was walking into one of these when I noticed something moving in the brush to the side and realized that it was a person moving under his/her covers.

You know, when it comes to being homeless, I can think of a lot worse places to have to sleep. This spot is just gorgeous.

A bit more effort into acquiring the comforts of home. Getting that couch down the sides of the ravine must've been quite the job.

We were walking past the other tower in our building when I did a double take, trying to figure out what it was I just saw on the sidewalk.

Yes, it really was a plastic woman with a cobra.

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