Saturday, June 7, 2008

97:365 - Nature park

So we went to terwilleger park today to see what it was like.. :)

This guy was sitting there, trying to go un-noticed.. Fat chance when I have a camera out :D

This guy was sitting in a tire rut. The kids like his soft furry underbelly

Playing peek-a-boo.. The original of this shot gets some serious detail :D

These guys were boogeying pretty good; coming over to check out the two-legged buggies.

The place was pretty good for paths and walk areas.. Saw *lots* of mountain bikes.

If it's green, I shoot it, is my motto.

Only saw this guy because my daughter was bent like a pretzel trying to get him. Note the little buddy right behind him.

Standing too close to me when I have camera-in-hand is *so* not a good idea.

I miss my dog..

Anna: I lucked out on the photo below - that and Philippe was holding the branch as steady as he could, as it was pretty breezy. *L*

You can view more photos here.


Gawdess said...

SO MANY wonderful shots!!!!

Ruth said...

Love the bugs and eye through that great macro lens!

Ruth @ Flying