Saturday, July 26, 2008

143:365 - Glowsticks

*everybody* likes glowsticks.. :D

Anna: Posting on Philippe's behalf - he and the girls have gone out for ice cream. I'm not feeling too well, so I stayed home.

Earlier this afternoon, my younger daughter came and asked if she could take a bath.

In the dark, with glow sticks.

Why the heck not? LOL

After she was done, Philippe took this picture after I'd swirled the water around to get them moving.

I think this was actually the first picture he took. It ended up being a 17 second exposure.

Hmm... I wonder if I'll feel better if I take a bath?


Gawdess said...

unique and pretty!

Ruth said...

That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Creative, inspiring, and beautiful. Wow.

Now I want one.

Lynette said...

Highly creative, colorful fun!

Scrivener said...

What a cool idea.