Wednesday, July 9, 2008

127:365 More flowers...

Anna: First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone for leaving such encouraging comments with my post yesterday. They made me feel a lot better about the pictures. Thanks. :-D

Today, the girls and I had plans to take in another dragon themed movie at the museum. I had originally planned for us to have a picnic on the grounds, first - maybe get some pictures - then head in for the movie. Unfortunately, it was raining. So, we still stopped to pick up our picnic fixings and had our picnic - in the car! LOL It was fun.

We were rather stunned by how many vehicles were in the parking lot when we got there. Who'd have thought a Wednesday afternoon at the museum would be so busy? We went in early enough that I had time to try a few shots, none of which worked. Without tripod or monopod in such low light, even the ones I thought worked turned out to be quite blurry. Ah, well.

The movie turned out to be a "documentary" from Animal Planet, Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real, narrated by Patrick Stewart. On the one hand, it was really interesting. On the other, it really sucked. Sort of a Walking with Dinosaurs meets CSI. Blech. On the plus side, the movie uses a lot of work from a guy named Peter Hogarth, who's going to be giving a lecture at the end of August. I think he'll be more interesting than the movie itself.

After it was done, we had no desire to brave the crowds in the museum, so we wandered the grounds a bit. By now, the rain was gone and the sun was shining. I set the camera on auto and went nuts.

Most of the photos I took ended up being flowers. There were a lot of new ones blooming, including a whole bunch of these. I love the spiky, rolled up petals. I almost didn't take this photo. The idea of getting down on one knee to take it just didn't appeal to me. The girls told me I needed to suffer for my art, so I told them sure, I'd get down and take the picture - but I'd need their help getting back up again!

They thought I was joking and walked on while I was taking the shot. Nice try, Ladies! Not gonna happen. ;-)

I've taken so many flower and plant photos that I've uploaded to flickr, I finally made a new "Flora" set. I hope you like them. :-)

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