Wednesday, July 16, 2008

134:365 Je suis gaucher

Anna: Another one for the Love My Parts group.

For most things, I'm ambidextrous. For some things, like embroidery and other crafting, I'm right handed. With others, like writing and drawing, I'm left handed.

Writing left handed is apparently all it takes to make me a left handed person.

My hands, like most of me, are pretty rough around the edges. When my kids were younger, they would sometimes entertain themselves by counting my scars. I've got a few doozies on this hand! Some, I even remember how they got there. ;-)

There's one on my middle finger from a hatchet I was using to trim branches off a log and there was less resistance than I expected (I'm right handed with a hatchet). I've got scars across 3 fingers from when I was playing "swords" with one of my brothers. He's completely left bodied. *L* We were both holding our "swords" in our left hands (a stick for me, a long piece of tin for him), when he caught me across the fingers. He cleaned up the blood and patched me up - something we did for each other rather frequently, as I remember things. Several others are from when he and I were in the attic, melting plastic over a candle. We discovered that the yarn my mother used to knit slippers melted quite dramatically, and that if you swung the yarn, you'd get a glowing circle in the air. Which is when we also discovered that globs of plastic can go flying, and that they really like to stick to skin.

Somehow, that didn't stop me from getting more scars the same way on my other hand.

If I ever find myself with cancer or something, I could probably safely blame it on the fumes of melted plastic I breathed in my younger days. Or the lead we used to melt down in the furnace and play with.

Sometimes I wonder how my siblings and I ever made it through childhood without killing ourselves, each other, or burning the farm down.


The Travelers Journal said...

Ahh... something we have in common. I am thought to be right handed. I write with my right hand after all. I do almost everything else left handed. Bowling, batting, golfing (minuture), tennis and crafting. My mom is left handed and my dad right handed. Both my sister and brother are strictly right handed.

The Travelers Journal said...

I forgot to mention, my first age spot was on my right hand when I was 28 and pregnant. I thought I was dying of skin cancer. Luckily just a first age spot :)