Sunday, July 6, 2008

124:365 Stormy weather

Anna: I really feel for the performers scheduled for today at the Street Performers Festival - it was probably a total loss for all of them. Not only did it rain for most of the day, we had a series of thunderstorms sweep through as well. It's the time of year for it, and I guess a street performer gets stuff like this happening fairly often, but it must still hurt the pocket book a fair bit, since this is how they make a living.

This was the view off our balcony, facing downtown, this evening. It was pouring rain at the time, though nothing like it had been earlier (I'm pretty sure I heard hail, at one point), and with no where near as much wind. I wouldn't have gone out on the balcony with the camera, otherwise! *L*

This is good news for the folks in Saskatchewan, though. Every little bit helps with the fires they've been having lately, and some of the evacuees were actually able to return home, thanks to the rain.

Now if only some of this rain will make it's way to California, too, I'm sure it would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hello A,

Yes, of course, thank you for stopping and commenting on my blog sometime today. I forgot to look and see when you were here there.

As I have been, since going off steroids, getting along on 4-5 hours of sleep a night and am up at 2:37 this morning, having "just" finished my first cup of ordinary "American" coffee (imported of course), and found you made a remarkable comment on my Broovkille Daily Photo blog; I came straight over here to visit your blog in return and talk about helping others, etc., etc..

Photography is, as you have said, a subjective thing (What I like you don't like and vice-versa). And there are all kinds of biases involved.

If I ask you for a recipe on how "you" make strawberry shortcake, and you give it to me, then you have, essentially, given me the answer I was seeking.

If you ask me for the recipe on how to make your photographs look better then I can give you my answer but with your subjective and bias issues, what you end up with may not look right to me.

My answers to most questions border on lunacy largely because, unlike a written recipe for strawberry shortcake, my recipe might be dead on and 100%, get me into Heaven right, but you might not have the right stove, the right baking pans and you can't find a strawberry anywhere in the city.

If I tell you to crop this way or if I suggest working on color noise or perhaps explain how to rid yourself of violet outlines around some of your overexposed pictures, and you do not own a photo editing program, then I am putting you up the creek without a paddle.

So, for all the right reasons, when I do try to answer the answers are not always taken to heart for reasons I have no control over.

Having said all of this and that, and then reading through the blog you posted the raining day picture with the sounds of hail, on, I can say I did enjoy the street performer photos I saw on the previous post.

And I just saw on the New York Times, this morning, that a lot of firefighting efforts in California are being helped by whole herds of "volunteers" in yellow suits and red helmets, out and about fighting the fires there. I did notice your concern about California and Canada and fires.

Gawdess said...

hopefully today and this week will be a little better for them!