Friday, July 11, 2008

129:365 Poof! - Updated, Leg grounds

Anna: My elder daughter was kind enough to let me post this photo of her. I couldn't resist!

She likes to keep the sides of her head shaved, with only a "fishtail" of long hair down the middle. She never spikes it, so it's not a Mohawk, but it's the same idea. She likes it because it keeps her head cool, but she still has hair she can play with. A few days back, she asked me to do lots of little braids in the strip of hair. She undid them this morning, and this is how much it poofed out after brushing. Looking straight from the back, you'd never know the sides of her head are shaved! *L*

She's fun. :-D

Philippe: I hit the Leg grounds today to work with a buddy on photo concepts (aperture, ISO, exposure, etc.). Of course, you can't talk concepts without demonstrating :P


Gawdess said...

beautiful hair!!! and very pretty flowers too!

The Travelers Journal said...

Love the hair! Beautiful color too. Thr flower shots are great! It looks like initals are written on the last shot.

BouBou's said...

Actually, the initials *are* written on - someone actually wrote on the petal with a marker.


Sandie said...

Great flower shots and the hair is beautiful and full of personality!!