Friday, July 4, 2008

122:365 Our best friend these days - and AAAHHH!!!!

Anna: First, I'd like to wish our friends in the US a very happy Independence Day. I hope you all had a great day celebrating. :-D

My day started out with some "fun" of a different sort. An early morning appointment for my lung tests to rule out asthma. The tests were much the same as what I had done back in Manitoba several years ago, but with different equipment and a very enthusiastic tech. She really got into her work! *L* I got to sit in this little glass booth and do some heavy breathing. Now, there's a reason I breath shallow. Deep breaths make me cough. Today, I had to repeatedly take super deep breaths, then punch out the exhale as hard as I could for as long as I could. By the end of the testing, my lungs were on fire, and I was making interesting noises as I coughed. The worst of the tests, though, was when she shut the door of the booth, then had me doing these quick little puffs. I had a nose clip, and part way through my puffing, she shut the air off while I kept puffing. She warned me about all this, and told me that it would be like I was holding my breath. No, it wasn't. It was like suffocating. Thankfully, I only had to do it twice.

For the last test, she had me use an inhaler first. That certainly didn't help the burning in my lungs. :-P Since I was planning to go for my chest X-rays next, I had to ask if any of this would mess things up for those. She assured me it wouldn't, though she acknowledged is was a very valid question.

So the lung test and X-rays are now done. Now, I just have to wait for the results to come in and see my doctor. And hopefully, he won't call in sick, like he did for my last two appointments. :-/

Today was another hot day, and when I got home, I was glad to spend some quality time with our new best friend these days...

... our air conditioner. It's one of those portable ones that comes with special pieces that allow us to set it up in our sliding door. It would've been much cheaper to get a window type, but we don't have the right kind of windows to install one of those. We keep this guy running pretty much all day, then we shut it down and open the windows for the night.

You'll notice it reads 26C. It always seems to read 26C, no matter how long it's been on. It rarely changes, and even when it does, it's quickly back at 26C. I don't get it.

Although it helps a lot, our apartment building accumulates and holds heat like nobody's business. Air circulation in the apartment itself is very poor. The girls' bedroom is the worst for that, so we broke out the industrial fan we got to deal with the heat last year. The girls frequently pause in front of it to enjoy the cool breeze. Which is how we got this photo from Philippe of our youngest daughter...

Philippe: Medusa in training.

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LauraLiz said...

I'm sorry you had to go through all that testing, but hope now you can get some reasons and relief for your problem!

That fan/hair photo is too funny!!