Saturday, July 5, 2008

123:365 - Up close and Personal - updated: Street Performers Festival

Philippe: Headed out to the street performer's festival today; we got there early so I looked around for other photo ops :)

Anna: More photos of the Street Performers Festival here.

We headed out to the square a bit too early. The booths were still being set up and the square was mostly empty. There was this one early bird performer already entertaining the crowd, though.

As well as the scheduled performers at specific stations, there are always roving performers, such as these stilt walkers.

This performer started up while we were wandering around, so we were able to find places to sit or stand and actually see him! *L*

After the show, we'd had enough of the heat and were looking to go indoors for a nice cold drink at the Three Bananas Cafe on the square. I couldn't resist taking some shots of the beautiful cloud formations.

By the time we finished our drinks, the white fluffies were starting to give way to dark and forbidding. Shortly after, as we were going through one of the pedway overpasses to get back to our car, we saw it was pouring rain! It was a fairly quick storm that passed through, but harsh enough to actually interrupt power, as we came home to find both computers had shut down. It's starting all ready! *L* Last year, the festival was frequently interrupted by sudden rainfalls.


Sandie said...

These are really interesting. It looks like you all had a great day.

Gawdess said...

some really nice macro shots and the festival looks like a lot of fun!