Monday, March 31, 2008

Bonus: birds

These are mainly bird shots, though there's one non-avian in there; he was, however, up a tree so he was fair game :)

They look like they're all watching the game.. I guess even the geese are pulling for the Oilers this year. :)

I got a few of these, but this is the best of the glide shots.

A la queue-leu-leu, ma tante lire-lire-lire (you won't get that unless you're French)

I could call this something poetic, like "floating gull", but I'm frankly working on my panning technique and it was handy :P.

Sunlit Snooze.. I thought of joining then :-D .

This was fun to crop, as I took it over Anna's shoulder (you can see part of her camera strap in the bottom right of the frame). Still, the shot is nice :).

Anna's got a bunch of this guy, but I liked him enough to post at least *one* shot of him.

I *almost* got him (her?) in focus.. Still working on the panning bit.

See? he's in a tree, so *technically* he fits in the category.

This one was just cute.

Frankly, this one is likely the best of the bunch today. I got very, very lucky with it :D.


LauraLiz said...

Great bird shots--you are right; that last one is incredible!

Gawdess said...

some great action shots!

Sharon said...

Oh, I love all of these! Great job :)

AphotoAday said...

Great shots! I know, you've gotta be fast to catch them sometimes...

Lots of birdwatchers around here, but it drives me nuts when I see them with their telescopes -- I always think there must be some way that they could hook their camera up to the scope... Oh well, none of my business...