Tuesday, March 11, 2008

12:365 A bit on the late side...

It's late in the day, but we've got 'em. ;-)

Just playing around with a temari I made for our younger daughter some time ago, using Philippe's lightbox.

Philippe: One day when I was leaving work, I get to the building lobby and they've got a book fair going.. Browsing through, I notice this spinning light base and etched glass figure.. It was on sale for about $10 since the glass had fallen and cracked.. We still have it but I can't get over how neat the spinning base is. The gang seemed to agree :D


Sharon said...

It makes a great pic, Philippe.

Anna, what is a "temari"? Also a nice picture :)

BouBou's said...

Thanks. :-) Translated literally, it means hand (te) ball (mari). It's a Japanese craft. Tightly wrapped balls get embroidered in patterns and given as gifts. Originally, the cores were of fabric scraps and the like, but foam cores are usually used now. I started making them just over a year ago, and really enjoy it.

Gawdess said...

The texture of the threads and the detail in the design are both nicely shown in the temari.
The spinning light base makes me just a little dizzy to look at, I like the purpleness.