Monday, March 10, 2008

11:365 I'm watching you!

Today was one of those beautiful picture taking days! The kids and I were at our weekly park day, where we found the Canada Geese are starting to come back. As we were walking to the car to leave, we came upon one goose sitting in the middle of the paved walkway, while us humans walked around in the mud so as not to disturb it. *L*

It was a co-operative goose, willing to let me come quite close before it lifted its head up to check me out. After a while, it tucked its head back into feathers and ignored me.

Then I went walking around in the mud, so as not to disturb it any more. :-D

Philippe: After a bit of housecleaning, I found a few items that were neat enough to shoot; The depth of field on this one is larger (used F10) but some of the shots that didn't make the blog were at F1.8, and had some amazing effects. :D


Gawdess said...

a nice crisp closeup shot of the goose head!

neat effect - glass ball?

BouBou's said...

Thanks - I'm amazed it let me get close enough! My zoom isn't that exceptional.

And yes, it is a glass ball. Many years ago, Philippe got me a "crystal" ball in a pewter holder, designed as 3 unicorn heads supporting the ball. One of the few things I've hung on to over a dozen or so moves. :-D


Ampersand said...

Love the goose shot.

And I love the crazy light that can be captured wide open.

The DoF is nice for this shot.

Sharon said...

Nice shot's both. :) I love Canada geese.