Monday, March 31, 2008

32:365 - Cold morning - updated: chickadees

Philippe: I have to admit this is the type of shot I prefer taking; it's one of the only side benefits to getting to work early. I have to admit I let a bus go by to get the shot though.. (got to work a bit later but it was worth it ;) )

Anna: We got so many great pictures at the park today, it was hard to choose. They're mostly Canada Goose pictures, though, so I chose these two chickadee pictures. This picture is actually of the second one that I saw, pecking at this hole in the tree like a woodpecker...

... meanwhile, the first chickadee I saw pecking away at the same spot stayed to watch from above. It was looking so puffy and windblown.


Gawdess said...

the colour in the top part of the picture, with the cloud or steam around the sun is really set off by that lovely, stark branch

Gawdess said...

chickadees are soooooo cute.