Monday, March 17, 2008

18:365 Chickadee and droplets

I took a walk while at the park today and found a tree with chickadees popping in and out among the twigs above me. They just don't stay still, do they? *L* This was the only shot I managed to get of them.

Philippe: The joys of a fast lens.. The down side is that the auto-focus took it's time getting the water focused over the trees. I'm thinking of getting a prism replacement to give me the manual focus aides you used to find on film SLRs..


Sandie said...

Both shots are great!

Gawdess said...

the chickadee is very well done, and so is the falling water.

angelfeet said...

I love how the chickadee blends in with the snow-laden foliage. And I like the movement in the dripping water.

Sharon said...

Wonderful shots :) The chickadee looks like a winter postcard.