Sunday, March 9, 2008

10:365 It's cold out there

The girls and I walked to nearby Little Italy, to stop at a fabulous Italian grocery store that specializes in Italian and Polish food.

I still can't figure out the Polish part, but I'm not complaining. ;-)

Across the street is a park with this life sized sculpture of a man playing cards. I thought someone adding a scarf was quite funny. Hey, even statues get cold, right?

Philippe: This is my Christmas present; it sat dormant for the past three months.. This is it's first lighting ever... The first of many, I'm sure :D



Gawdess said...

great slice of life shot of the red scarf on Mr. Spinnelli!

BBQ time now that spring is here!

BouBou's said...

Mr. Spinnelli? Would that be his actual name? I've never noticed any plaques around it.

As for the BBQ - that's a year round thing for us, even if we have to shovel a path through the snow! *L* I'd bought it so P. could have his midnight BBQ on New Year's, but we couldn't find a propane tank, anywhere! Ah, well - better late than never.


Sharon said...

I've been craving some good grillin'! Cool pics :)

Moi said...

the scarf made me smile!!!! it adds a dash of color to the statue too!!!! :)