Sunday, March 30, 2008

31:365 - You are mine to toy with! - updated - Dang! Thaz-ugly...

Anna: I think I've mentioned before, that we have a very co-operative cat. ;-D

She's "hunting" my camera - moments later, she was rubbing her cheek all over the edge of my lens. *L*

Philippe: Words fail me... Luckily, it's for better or worse... :P

Anna: I want it to be publicly known that I took this photo for Philippe under duress.



Gawdess said...

Um, the kitty is very cute, I like the framing and the skin tag is medically interesting.

marianne said...

cute, cute kitty - uhmm, I don't think I want to know about the other, but it is interesting. ;)

Anonymous said...

pretty kitty. I have a skin tag like that - not sure I'd photograph it though!