Friday, August 1, 2008

148:365 Colours

Anna: Headed out for a walk this evening, taking some paths to an area I haven't walked to before.

Along sections of the LRT rails that run near where we live is a walking/bicycle path. Once the tracks near downtown, they go underground while the path continues on. On the path side of the opening into the tunnel is a long row of graffiti murals. Some are really fantastic. Unfortunately, little effort seems to be made to maintain them, so the work of the artists is being mucked up by the taggers.

The lack of maintenance was clearly demonstrated by the decorative raised beds. I had to cross a street just before the tunnel entrance. The cross walk for the path is bordered by decorative poles and large raised beds with trees and shrubbery. On one side, the bed, though sparse, was mostly free of weeds and garbage. On the other side - near these murals - the bed clearly hasn't seen any maintenance all season. The tree and shrubs planted in it were nearly choked out by weeds, with plenty of garbage stuck in them as well.

I went far enough to get a photo of the last mural before turning around and heading home. By then I could see the people I'd been hearing for some time. From the sounds of it, the "party" had already started some time ago, in the back of some business' property.

So much for chain link fences and No Trespassing signs.


Gawdess said...

the late day light is perfect here, it really brings out some of the gorgeous detail and colour that you found.

The Travelers Journal said...

I love the things you find to photograph! I hope it was a safe area.

BouBou's said...

Thanks to both of you for your compliments.

And... uhm... no, it wasn't. :-/