Thursday, August 28, 2008

168:365 Love my Manly Polish Nose

Anna: This is another photo for the Love My Parts group.

I have my father's nose.

Not my mother's tiny nose that comes to a perfectly curved tip; little and delicate.

No, I have my father's nose with the ball-ball at the end. It's not just a very typical Polish nose. It's a very typical Polish man's nose. An assertive nose. An "in your face" kind of nose, to pardon the horrible pun.

But that's ok. It fits my face, which isn't exactly tiny or feminine. A little nose would just sort of disappear.

Photo taken by my elder daughter using her Nikon D80.


The Travelers Journal said...

It is a lovely part. Nice long eye lashes too. Your daughter captured a very good profile picture.

BouBou's said...

Thanks. I think she did a great job, too. She did it using manual focus, too. :-D