Monday, August 25, 2008

165:365 Drink up!

Anna: My elder daughter and I went to a Superstore last night. I was actually there to drop off a resume, since at my job they still don't have shifts on nights I'm available. This place has a starting wage for late shift cashiers starting at over $15 an hour, which is about what I get now, after gratuities are factored in. Well, I would be, if I were getting shifts.

Since we were there anyways, we went looking around. I don't normally shop here, as it's not as close as other places. It's also really HUGE and crowded. It also has a much larger selection, and the import aisle is one place my daughter and I like to check out. We ended up getting these drinks. The canned drink is from Thailand. The bottled drinks are a little more confusing. The label reads "Genuine Caribbean Taste," and it was in the import aisle, but it was bottled in Quebec, so it says "product of Canada." So I have no idea where it's actually from.

The yellow drink on the left is banana flavour. The amber drink on the right is Kola Champagne. We haven't tried them yet - somewhere in the apartment, I do have a bottle opener. Actually, I think it's on my younger daughter's pocket knife. *L*

What's funny about the two bottled drinks is that, despite being different drinks, they have the exact same ingredient list.

We've tried the lychee drink, though. It didn't taste all that much like lychee to me. Mind you, lychee doesn't have much flavour to it in the first place. It's just... sweet. Which is what the drink it like. Sweet. My elder daughter described it well. It tastes like the syrup canned fruit is packed in.

Once the can was empty, she also noticed it was a lot heavier than other pop cans. It was an actual tin can, not aluminum.

Now to try some Kola Champagne and see what it tastes like. :-D

Smells like cream soda.

Tastes like... uhm... cream soda and bubble gum. With a hint of butterscotch.


Anonymous said...

Those tastes are wild. I liked your vivid description of all them. I never have been in an imported section before.

I did enjoy your post.

Gawdess said...

cream soda AND bubblegum AND butterscotch?
that is just me of course.

from away said...

Grace is a Caribbean food company. It has expanded elsewhere, as you noticed, but I think it's more or less "authentic." :)

My hometown has a large Caribbean population, so I'm used to seeing those bottled drinks in the supermarket alongside Pepsi/Coke etc. I always really liked the kola soda.

BouBou's said...

Thanks for the info! I thought it was something like that. In the past, the only place I'd see drinks like these bottles were at Caribbean pavilions during Folklarama when we were living in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area. The flavours are a lot more creative than we our local companies produce. *L*

Oh, we tried the pineapple one. I thought it tasted more like pear. The girls liked it, though. :-D


from away said...

Pineapple soda sounds good! Haven't tried that. Unfortunately these interesting flavors never seem to be available in a diet variety...

The Travelers Journal said...

What a combination! Cream soda, bubblegum and butterscotch! I like all three, but can't imagine them together. The pineapple sounds good even if it had a pear flavor. I will have to look around a little more while I am shopping. I second from aways comment about not usually having a diet variety.