Sunday, August 10, 2008

155:365 Playing hooky...Updated - photo fix

Philippe - Every once in a while I'll goof up something fierce.. You know, like trying to use bounce flash after setting your F-stop to 14.. Did I mention I like my software? Nikon Capture-NX allowed me, with a bit of curve work and colour boost, to bring up a relatively acceptable shot from the seriously underblown shot below. :)

Anna: I was playing hooky yesterday and didn't take any photos... ;-)

Har, har - I crack me up.

Sorry for the lame humour - I didn't get much sleep last night. ;-) When I finally did fall asleep, I started having this weird dream that involved my camera being stolen. I spent the rest of the dream going around trying to find the person who took it, only to realize that I was dreaming, and that my camera was safely sitting on top of my printer/scanner.

Then I got up, walking into the living room, and my camera was gone.

My elder daughter had moved it so she could use the scanner, leading to a sleep deprived, surreal moment. LOL

So with my weird sense of humour of the day, I thought taking a photo of our small but growing collection of crochet hooks would be funny. Some are mine, some are my younger daughter's. I'm actually missing one - one of two new larger hooks I picked up recently. That's going to bug me until I find it.

The white on the bottom of the smallest hook is medical tape. That hook is shorter than the others, so it digs into my palm as I work with it. Since the sweater I'm working on will probably take a couple of months, I figured I'd better do something about it before I got a blister the size of Kansas. I tried hockey tape at first, but it's sticky and felt really gross. I raided our first aid kit instead. It works beautifully!


Cloudscome said...

I really like the way your cat comes out after processing. That is a great shot.

I have a collection of crochet hooks too. Some were my grandmothers. Clever idea to use the tape! Post a picture of the sweater.

Gawdess said...

that is a lot of crocheting that looks to have been done under those hooks!
I too like the cat picture.