Wednesday, August 20, 2008

162:365 Warning - spider photo updated: spider ID'd

Anna: For those who are squeamish about spiders, you may not want to view this photo.

I'd gone back to our 4th floor lounge with the macro lens to see if I could find the spider my daughter and I had seen while watching tv a few day back. No luck, but when I went around to where I'd see another one, I hit the jackpot. I admit to a bit of harassment to coax it out of its corner - I poked around behind it with the stem of a dried weed.

I knew this spider was big and hairy, but I didn't expect this! I've uploaded a set of photos here. I took them while standing on my tip-toes, and had to use the flash. I did have to brighten them up a bit, but I think they turned out all right.

If anyone can identify this spider, I would love to know what it is.

I mean really - this thing doesn't have hair. It has spines!!

Update: Well, it looks like I've got an ID - this is a femail Araneus diadematus - otherwise known as a European Garden Spider.


I found a second one nearby and got a few more photos.


Anonymous said...

That is one really nice spider. They all look different when you get to see them up close like this. She looks to be OK and not injured from being poked around. LOL

BouBou's said...

Oh, I would never have hurt the spider! I just poked around behind it, to get it out of the corner.

Besides, it looked ready to grab the weed stem I was using and poke me back.


Sandie said...

Not sure, but it kind of looks like the wolf spiders we have around here. I like the webs, but HATE the spiders :)

The Travelers Journal said...


Gawdess said...

fabulous photo!
I got a shot of one just yesterday at a campground dumpster - but I don't know what it is specifically