Sunday, August 24, 2008

164:365 In the flower garden

Anna: The girls and I were at the museum for another lecture today - The Evolution and Extinction of Dragons with Dr. Peter Hogarth. My younger daughter and I really enjoyed it. My elder daughter didn't appreciate his mocking sense of humour. She made a legitimate point, but I still found it enjoyable.

After the lecture, we had to go and pick up Philippe, but we did go through the wonderful flower garden along the way to get some photos.

I'm quite happy with how this one turned out. There were so many beautiful flowers, but sometimes, it's not the open flowers that are the most interesting.

I cropped this one quite a bit. There was this imitation bee hovering near the blossoms. I had to switch to auto focus, as the camera kept wanting to focus on the soil in the background. I'm not confident using auto focus. I always feel that, since I wear glasses - and especially since I know my prescription is now slightly off - there's no way I can truly focus properly. This wasn't too bad, though.


Anonymous said...

Does your camera focus automatically? My Canon cameras focus by sending out an infrared beam of light that actually runs the motor in the lens that focuses the camera. I wear glasses to see things up close, especially, and never use them when I take pictures. So if you look at my blogs and the pictures posted remember they were all taken by somebody who can't see very well, up close, without glasses.

BouBou's said...

Yes, it does focus automatically. It's just that the beam kept missing such a small target.

As for the glasses - I have no problem seeing things up close. It's farther away (anything more than about 12-15 inches from my face) that I get pretty blind, so taking off my glasses wouldn't help any. I wouldn't have even been able to *see* the imitation bee, never mind focus on it. :-/


Ampersand said...

i really like the structure of that first flower.