Sunday, April 12, 2009

309:365 Happy Easter!

Anna and Philippe: Sending our wishes to everyone for a happy, blessed Easter!

Making the Easter basket is one of our favourite traditions. Philippe got photos of this year's basket.

Easter basket - covered

The completed basket is always covered with a special cloth. This year, we used an antique linen cloth, worked with linen thread in cutwork and drawn thread embroidery. It's one of the finest pieces of embroidery I own. From the age I was told when I bought it, it's now almost 90 years old.

Easter basket

The traditional contents include bread, ham, kielbasa, salt, cheese (a wheel of brie this year), butter, horseradish (usually a root, but I could only find the jarred kind this time), and lots of eggs.

There's even some chocolate in there. :-D

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AmpersandToo said...

that is such a special tradition and so lovely!