Sunday, April 19, 2009

311:365 - Night excursion

Philippe: tonight was about finding a balance between aperture and shutter for best streaking of light. :)

P. - There is a small park right next to one of the bridges downtown, allowing for a bit of photo :)

P. - What you can't see are the 20lbs bunnies just to the right. They were grazing.

P. - K.. first set of shots, I'm on Aperture priority at f8/f10. Unfortunately, that gives me a five second shutter speed and you can barely see the train on the tracks; it's that small white streak.

P. - This is a manual shot, f10/1.8" shutter. lots of detail in the bus, but it was a slow start from the turn.

P. - Also manual, though f10/1", but with faster traffic.

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