Saturday, April 4, 2009

304:365 Destruction

Anna: Being at the end of a row of townhouses, there was only one house beside us. A unique building with at least 4 levels, two of which were built down the side of the valley, below our street level. We all thought it would be an attractive building, if it weren't in such terrible condition. The location is certainly prime, with unobstructed views of the valley.

Today, it got torn down.

These are just a few of the photos we took from off our balcony. Most of what I took were videos using the S3. I've never taken so many video clips with that camera since we've owned it - and wow, does it suck through batteries! I ended up filling the memory card and, not having a spare, switched to my D70. Unfortunately, I've yet to find the battery charger since the move, and it was already overdue for a charge. It wasn't long before I couldn't use it anymore.

Philippe, meanwhile, had taken a few shots with his D80 before heading inside. So I borrowed that and got a few more shots until the S3 was finally uploaded to the computer and the memory freed up.

So the next few pictures are from both of us. I didn't even try to upload any of the video.

Click on the photos to go to my flickr account, or visit this set and see the details behind them.









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