Saturday, April 25, 2009

318:365 Tea For Two

Tea For Two
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Anna: My elder daughter and I had an afternoon out with just the two of us. After overindulging at a yarn shop (I'll be posting photos of our aquaistions on my craft blog), we walked around the corner to a lovely tea shop called Steeps. I love this place! It's tiny and cozy, with tiny tables and mismatched furniture. Every table has a different little teapot holding a decoration. After choosing our teas and a dessert to share (caramel apple cheesecake!), we sat at some big, cushy armchairs in a corner and waited for our individual teapots to be brought over. There's a station on the side where we can choose our own cups, all of them different.

Then we sat, relaxed, sipped our hot tea, admired the wild paintings on the wall from a local artist, chatted and enjoyed overhearing some unusual conversation from the table nearby. University students, I think, working on a crossword puzzle together. "What is a reproductive organ that starts with a G and has 5 letters?" They settled on "gland." We resisted the urge to call out "gonad" across the room. ;-)

We need to do this more often.

Go for tea, I mean, not answer people's crossword puzzles. ;-)

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