Wednesday, April 8, 2009

307:365 Promises

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Anna: Rows of peat pellets slowly expanding, soon to be seeded with a variety of herbs. A promise of future bounty. In a few weeks, I should have the beginnings of an herb garden on our balcony, as well as some carrots, spinach and lettuces.

The balcony in our old apartment faced North/North-west. We didn't get enough sunlight to grow much and, with plans to move ever in the back of my mind, I never tried.

Now we are facing South, with hours and hours of sunlight. I'm starting small this year, but if things work well, I'm hoping to get a decent vegetable garden out there. Maybe even some fruits. Not too much, as we want room for a BBQ and seating. I'll be using the rail and maybe the side wall a lot. Our co-op does have a few garden plots available. Perhaps I'll apply for one next year. For now, the balcony will do. :-)

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