Sunday, November 23, 2008

231 and 232:365 From the Top and Bilingual Teapot

Anna: I did take photos yesterday. I even uploaded them. I just never got around to posting them. I've got a bunch of new photos loaded at my flickr account, too. Here's a couple for yesterday and today.

Our apartment complex is made up of two 19 floor towers that are joined up to the 4th floor. Several floors are secure, accessible only if they're programmed onto your keycard, with a scanner in the elevators. Ours is one of the secure floors, so whenever we order in, we have to go to the lobby because the delivery person can't get to our floor. The 19th floors are penthouse suites, which are also secure floors.

So when someone from one of the penthouse suites had a garage sale this weekend, it was a rare chance to actually go onto the 19th floor and see what they looked like. (Plus, we got a sweet deal on some shelves...) The penthouse suite was really nice but, nicest of all, they let me go onto their patio facing the river to take photos. They had a larger patio on the other side too, with a hot tub and mini-putt, but the view faced downtown and wasn't as nice as this one. Beside the patio where I took this photo are bay windows in the living room (with fireplace) overlooking the river. Gorgeous.

Now for today's photo...
I've always been a tea drinker, and now my girls are, too. We use coffee mugs to drink from, because they're bigger. Which means that, with a 6 cup teapot being the biggest I could find, there was never enough tea for seconds. We'd have to boil more water for another pot.

When we were living in Richmond, BC, I'd seen a huge teapot in a specialty store that I considered buying for my parents. I didn't think I'd need one for myself! I never saw another one that large until about 2 years ago, at the Second Cup in our library branch. So when Philippe asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, I told him that that's what I wanted. He managed to buy the very last one. It's a 14 cup pot, though our kettle only fits 12 cups, so we've never actually filled it. It gets pretty much daily use. I love it!

The funny thing is that, being left handed, I never noticed that it had the word "tea" in English on the other side until I'd had it for some time. I'd just thought we had a French teapot. LOL

The mug is there to give a bit of perspective on the size, but also because it's one of my favourite mugs. I bought a pair nearly 20 years ago from a mail order company that specialized in dragon stuff. The company doesn't seem to be around anymore; at least not in the same form. The last time I looked, they sold furniture, instead. So I'm really careful not to break them, since I've no idea where I'd find any more.

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